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When You Send Email

We Fix That

Instant Email Testing Tools

Ready to send an email blast to your subscribers? Use Spamchecka’s quick email check to make sure it will be delivered to all major services. You can pick the email platform that you use so we can send from that platform ensuring you get real and accurate data.

This applies to EVERY test. This is a HUGE difference with the service we provide that NOBODY else does. We will use the same EXACT service that you are using when we are doing testing to ENSURE the results are accurate.

Other tools claiming to test your email will send from their own servers or simply have you forward an email. This gives you massive false positives / negatives because it is their results. It's NOT YOUR RESULTS!!!!!

Email Spam Dissection And Suggestion Tools

Your quick test email went to spam! *whew* you didn’t send that out! But now what? This is one of the most frustrating items for people to constantly test on all major platforms to FINALLY get an email to go through. This can take HOURS of testing for all email platforms and you might not still get your email through.

With our Spam Disection tool we will run over 250 tests and give you the exact reasons why it is going to spam. Within minutes our disection tool will tell you exactly what is causing your email to goto spam and how to fix it! Most of the time it is something VERY simple yet it would have taken you hours to find. Now you can take a couple seconds and fix the issue, run another quick test just to ensure deliverability is there 100%, and you are ready to now fire away and not have your email goto spam.

Email Marketing Dissection and Suggestion Tools

Run a quick test of your email to see where it will be delivered. Is it going to updates when it should be going to promotions? Maybe it's going to the dreaded social tab graveyard (YIKES!)

Just like our Spam Dissection tool we will run numerous tests to show you what you need to do to get the email delivered where you want it!

Auto Responder Integration

If you have an auto responder setup with several days worth of emails, how do you know if one starts to go to spam? Most likely you do not!! YOU are not opting in on day one routinely… and even if you did you will get false positives because the email will come from you!

We will seed your auto responder routinely so you always have the flow being monitored. Now you can be assured that key emails in your autoresponder are not going to spam (This happens a lot and users never know, but you will!).

The bottom line is SpamChecka does what no tool on the planet does and could save you a bunch of money and wasted time. Plus it lets you sleep at night knowing your emails are going where they are supposed to go.

Valuable Historical Data

Spamchecka gives you several custom made emails for gmail, yahoo mail, iCloud, aol, hotmail, and outlook. You can simply paste these into your lists. No worrying about double opt in emails. We will follow that link take care of that for you! Now as you send out email to these lists we can give you incredible reports over time. We will show you how services are treating your email. Is it going to spam? If not then is it going to the inbox, promotions, updates, social, or other tabs? These reports will STUN you as you will see email providers bounce your account around between these.